Tatsuro Tajima and Yui Takahashi established an organisation called T3 Floorball Project last year. Now the organisation is officially a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO).

Third of February, T3 Floorball Project became officially a NPO. T3 Floorball Project is Japan’s first NPO in floorball. Their main purpose is to promote the sport in Japan.
T3 Floorball Project has already organised events during last year, for example a goalie camp, street floorball and trial floorball lessons in schools and after school clubs. Now they want to do more:

– It’s now possible for us to expand our activities, for example invite some floorball coaches from Europe, participate in tournaments outside Japan and much more! We also want to have contacts overseas. Japan is a small island and therefore it is difficult to get some good information and connections to other countries. We would also like to have co-operation with Japan Floorball Association, says Yui Takahashi.

T3 Floorball Project on Facebook: www.facebook.com/T3floorball/

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