Home team Czech Republic won Switzerland 7-3 in the women´s U19 WFC bronze match. The Czech team had a great support from the 1123 spectators that had gathered to University Arena.

The bronze medal was the historical first medal for Czech Republic on the women´s side, earlier they had not reached to medals in women´s or women U19 categories.

Czech Republic got a great start to the WFC bronze match as they succeeded in scoring already during the first minute. Tereza Urbánková got the ball in front of the goal and placed the ball to the net with a nice wrist shot.

Both teams defended accurately so there were not that many good scoring chances in the first period. Czech Republic, which was loundly supported by the home crowd, had slightly more control of the match.

The Czech team got their second goal luckily, the ball bounced to the net from Swiss defender. In the end of the period Switzerland got a power play. First Fabienne Walther shot the ball to the bar, but then a high ball shot by Simone Wyss found its way to the net and the score after 20 minutes was 2-1 to Czech team.

The second period was an even performance from both teams, but it was Czech Republic who succeed to score twice. Especially the 4-1 goal scored by Dagmar Sura only a minute before the intermission was an important goal for the Czech team.

Czech Republic started the 3rd period really sharply. First Tereza Urbánková completed her hat trick and only 20 seconds later Adela Bocanová increased the Czech lead already to 6-1. The tempo in the third period was high as Switzerland tried to press the Czech team to errors, but the Czechs played with lots of fighting spirit and were not willing to give the ball away. In the end Switzerland was able to reduce twice, but they were not really able to threaten the Czech victory.

The Czech goalie Veronika Skopkova played a great match in the goal and took many important saves.
– It feels totally fantastic now! We had a really compact team and everyone was willing to fight together to fullfil our aim, which was the medal. We played well as a team and today we just succeeded in everything we tried.

Skopkova looked forward going to the goal before the match.
– It felt great to start the match in a arena full of our supporters. The home crowd was wonderful during the whole tournament. I have earlier never played in front of this big audience, but now it was great to thank them by winning the medal!

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