The Czech Republic consulate in Tbilisi decided regrettably today not to grant the Georgian Women´s U19 team visas to enter the Czech Republic to participate in the Women´s U19 World Championships 2010 in Olomouc. This despite all efforts made by the Czech Floorball Union and that all documents were provided, which has been enough for Georgia to participate in the previous IFF events held during the last 24 months (in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Latvia and Spain).

The decision is very sad especially for the Georgian team, the Czech organizer and the U19 WFC as a whole. The IFF feels it unfortunate that this hinders the participation of the Georgian athletes in the U19 WFC.

Possible actions to be taken by the IFF will be discussed in the next Central Board meeting which is held during the U19 WFC.

The schedule for the U19 WFC 2010 B-division will is changed and published on the IFF WFC U19 2010 web page.

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