The Finals of the Japan League were played on Supersunday, March 7th, in the Surugadai University Arena. The Chofu and Surugadai university teams played against each other in  both Men´s & Women´s tight finals ending in a one goal difference. The Chofu Ducks won the Women´s and Surugadai University the Men´s Final.

The Supersunday started with the Men´s and Women´s bronze matches and Kanagawa Limited won both bronze matches.

Brilliant goalies in both Finals

Surugadai University played against the Chofu Ducks in the Women´s final. The match was tight with a lot of speed in the game and the goalkeepers in both teams made some great saves keeping the numbers low.

During the last minutes of the third period the Ducks had a free hit in from a good position and Natsumi Matsukura #27 (pictured) could score the winning 3-2 goal for the Ducks.

Match statistics Women´s final:
Surugadai – Chofu Ducks
2-3 (0-1,2-1,0-1)
MVP players:
H # 23 Cedar & A # 27 Matsukura
Takeshi Miyazawa & Marco Suvanto
Spectators: 150

The highlight of the day was the Men´s final, which also was a tight game right from the start. The teams were leading the match in turns and the goalkeepers were the key players in the Men´s final as well. Especially Surugudai University´s goalie, Keisuke Ogawa, made some brilliant saves, which led his team to a 3-2 victory.

Match statistics Men´s final:
Surugadai University – Chofu Eagles 3-2 (0-1,0-0,3-1)
MVP players: H #2 Ogawa & A # 44 Koshino
Referees: Eisaburo Okano & Marco Suvanto
Spectators: 150

Final Standings in Japan:

1. Chofu Ducks
2. Surugadai University
3. Limited, Kanagawa
4. Tohoku

1. Surugadai University
2. Chofu Eagles
3. Limited Kanagawa
4. Blades, Tohoku


Source & Pictures: Marco Suvanto

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