The IFF Central Board held its first meeting of the year in Singapore on February 2nd 2010. During the meeting the new Champions Cup for the top 4 nations club teams was discussed.


New Champions Cup starting from 2011

Based on the discussions held with the Member associations and the top clubs there is now a common understanding of how to develop the European Club Competitions. The present system with an open EuroFloorball Cup, where all teams have the possibility to attend, will continue. The proposal is to install a new top competition and to continue with the EuroFloorball Cup Final round for the 5th and lower ranked teams (based on the WFC ranking).

A working group, led by Mr. Filip Suman, will meet on the 24th – 25th of April 2010 in Zürich and was given the task to come up with a proposal of how to organise the Euro Cups in order to satisfy all members. This including the detailed system with time-lines, number of participating teams, having the winner of the previous EFC automatically qualified etc. The final decision on how the EFC 2011 will be played will be taken latest in September 2010 by the IFF CB.


EuroFloorball Cup 2010

The EFC 2010 will be organised in the same way as before and the WFC Final will be played in Latvia in October 2010. The invitations will be sent out in April and the deadline for registration is May 31st 2010.


Men´s World Championships 2010

The ticket sale will start on Friday February 5th and tickets can be bought from and also the official web page will open on on February 5th.


WFC 2010 on TV

The agreement has been signed with the Finnish National Broadcasting company Yleisradio Oy (YLE), which will act as the host broadcaster of the WFC. At least all Finland´s matches and the medal matches will be televised on prime time on the national channel TV2. The IFF will start negotiating with other TV companies in the end of February.

The IFF is also planning to stream the matches over the Internet and will discuss this with the local organiser.


U19 Women´s WFC 2010 in Czech Republic

The Women´s Under World Championships will be played in Olomouc in the Czech Republic on the 4th – 8th of May 2010.

The main arena (A-div. matches) is the University Arena with the capacity of 1500 spectators and the second arena (B-div. matches) is the Zora Arena with the capacity of 250 spectators.

The website will open this week and the match schedule is found from the IFF WU19WFC web page


Changes in the Referee nomination system

As agreed in 2009, the new nomination period will be from 1st of January 2011 until 31st of December 2012. The referees will be given the possibility to specialise for Men´s or Women´s games.

All nominated referees have to have passed the new Physical test and the international rules test. The nominating federations will take the tests and send the results to IFF. With the new Physical test there is an adequate instrument to test the fitness of the referees. Therefore there is no more a need for a maximum age limit, but the minimum age limit is still 22 years.


Sanction fee for late referee nomination applications

The CB decided that there would be a sanction fee in case of late incoming applications for nomination of International Referees for International matches, since this causes a lot of unnecessary work for the Referee Committee and the Office. The sanction fee is 100 CHF starting from 2010.

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