Karolina Šatalíkova was appointed as a new head coach of the Czech women’s national team and chose Marketa Šteglova as her assistant coach. 

Both Karolina Šatalíkova and Marketa Šteglova are cuttently coaching the elite Czech women’s club, Tigers Praha, which has won two EuroFlooorball Cup bronze medals during the last three years (in 2009 and in 2007 under the previous name Dekanka).

Šatalíkova and Šteglova have already gained experience of coaching national teams – they led Czech women’s U19 national team from 2003-2006.
– To lead a national team is the highest achievement for a coach, so I was very pleased with the offer to coach the women’s national team. There are many players whose attitude prove their interest in floorball and this opens a possibility to improve the Czech national team´s performance, Šatalíkova commented the new assignment.

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