The Indonesian Floorball Federation (IFA) became the 51st member of the International Floorball Federation on the 10th of December 2009 and now the aim is to introduce the sport to youth and PE teachers in the University Pelita Harapan and PBK Penabur Gading Serpong High School.

The Indonesian Floorball Federation is cooperating with the Coordinator Ministry of Public Welfare and participation in the Stay Away Campaign, which is supporting a healthy lifestyle for youth and launched in the  University Pelita Harapan on the 18th – 20th of January 2010 and BPK Penabur High School Gading Serpong the 21st – 23rd of January. During the five day campaign there will be Floorball Demos, Coaching clinics and a Floorball competition for students from all around Jakarta as well as Train the Trainer sessions for PE Teachers.

Filip Dahlgren

Swedish Floorball Federation’s Coach Education 3/4 Elite, IFF Floorball Development Programme

Coaching career:
1996 Singapore National Team, 2001 Singapore National Team, 2002 Malaysia National Team, 2004-2007 Singapore National Team Men & Women APAC, 2008 Singapore National Team.
2007 – present Chief Instructor/Director of Floorball operations SFA, In charge of all coaching programmes.


Mhd Fathi Ibrahim

– SSC/SFA NCAP 1 Theory & practical Coaching
(Singapore Sports Council / Singapore Floorball Association)
-IFF Organizational Certificate

Coaching career:
2004-present Current coach for multiple primary, secondary and
junior collages.
2008-2009 Coach IVP Champion Singapore Institute of Management


Mohammad Sharil bin Ismail

-SSC/SFA NCAP 1 Theory & practical Coaching
(Singapore Sports Council / Singapore Floorball Association)
-International Floorball Federation (IFF) Certified Referee

Coaching & Referee career:
2007 IVP Champion: Coach for Nanyang Polytechnic
2007-2008 Assistant Coach for Singapore National Team, 2007 APAC Champion: Assistant Coach for National Team
1999-2007 Goalie for Singapore National Team
2009 Referee for Under 19 WFC & Women’s WFC Sweden
2009-Present Regional Head Referee for Asia Oceania


Kenny Liang

-IFF Preliminary Coaching (International Floorball Federation)

Player & Coaching career:
1998-2002 Player for Singapore National Team at the Men’s WFC ’98 and ’02.
1998-2006 Player for Singapore National Team at APAC held in Singapore.
2005 Secretariat Committee at WFC Singapore’05.
2002-2003 Nanyang Technological University Men’s Coach.
1997- Present participate competitively in Singapore Floorball Division one


The IFA has also had meetings with both the Indonesian Sport Committee and the National Olympic Academy (NOA) and have applied for membership of the Indonesian National Sport Committee (KONI) in November 2009. There is a need to have 10 branch offices in order to become a KONI Member and organise 4 national championships. The plan is to make agreements with 12 universities who have the sport faculty. The aim is also to organise national championships in cooperation with a group of high schools. The IFA and NOA will cooperate in the train the trainers programs in high schools all over Indonesia.

Picture from the Indonesian Floorball Federations meeting with the National Olympic Committee.


IFA Development Program plan 2010

In addition to the three day campaign the IFA has planned the yearly activities for developing the sport in the region:

  • Membership & Community Gathering 1x/month
  • Road Show
  • National Floorball Competition for Highschool and University Students 4x/Year
  • International Floorball Competition for Highschool and University Students 1x/Year
  • Train for Trainers 4x/Year
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