Two important modifications were made on 19th October in France according to the decisions of the last General Assembly of the A.F.F. 

Firstly the Association Française de Floorball (A.F.F) becomes the Fédération Française de Floorball (F.F.FL). This is a big step in France, on the way to official recognition, as a federation refers in France to a true national sports organisation whereas the associations are organisations at a more local level.

This change has a strong symbolical meaning and illustrates the efforts to be accepted as an official member of the French Ministry of Sports.

Secondly, FFFL has completely re-written the statutes to be in full compliance with the guidelines of the French Ministry of Sports as far as official sport federations are concerned.

“This means that we are now equipped with a basic but important foundation that is similar to regular and well established French federations. These two steps are symbolical for the moment but they are important,” says the FFFL President Mr. Jerome Joaille.

The French Floorball is now developing the FFFL with writing new official documents such as disciplinary regulations, the anti-doping code following the guidelines of the French Ministry of Sports and building up various Commissions to strengthen the work of the federation.


Season starts in November

The Floorball League (1st Division) in France starts their season on 14th – 15th November in Nantes with 8 teams, of which 5 teams were in the Championships last year: IFK Paris, Rascasses de Marseille, PUC 1, Lyon Pirates and Canonniers de Nantes. Three teams managed to promote to the league for this year: Grizzlys de Hainaut, Dragons Bisontins and Ericsson Vikings.

Second division´s kick off is on 21st – 22nd November in Grenoble with 9 teams of which 7 teams were playing last year (Gladiateurs d’Orléans, Saint-Etienne Knights, Nordiques de Lille, Tigres Grenoblois, PUC 2, Tripiers de Caen, Hoplites d’Ambiani) and with two new teams (les Chats Biterrois and Lyon Floorball Club 2).

Additionally three clubs were established for this season in Annecy, Strasbourg and Aurillac.

Read more in French about the statute change and about the French Championships.

Source: Jerome Joaille, President of the F.F.FL


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