The Swiss team Wiler-Ersigen won the bronze match against Lekrings with 13-2In the Women´s bronze match SC Classic and Tigers SJM fought for the medal. Tigers was the more effective team, winning the bronze with 9-3.

Wiler-Ersigen was leading with three goals in the first period, but the Lekrings was able to reduce the lead to 2-3. Before the intermission, Christoph Hofbauer however  increased the Wiler lead to 4-2.

The Lekrings penalties settled the match in the second period as Wiler could score four power play goals and were in a decisive 9-2 lead before the last intermission.

Wiler continued to dominate the match in the last period and especially the Hofbauer brothers, Matthias Hofbauer with 3+1 and Christoph Hofbauer with 2+3 were effective today.

Christoph Hofbauer (pictured) and Andris Malkavs were elected as best players of the bronze match.

Tigers settled the bronze match in the 2nd period

Katriina Saarinen scored the first goal of the match in 08.13 and put Classic into the lead until the 14th minute when Tigers scored two goals within 45 seconds, Ilona Novotná and Dominika Stéglová scoring the goals. Classic possessed the ball more in the first half of the match, but could not get to the best scoring sectors, whereas the Tigers counter attacks, resulted in good scoring opportunities.

Novotna scored her second of the match after yet another counter attack and the Tigers were leading with two goals. The Tigers line with Novotna, Magdalena Sindelová and Klara Rozumova and also the defender Denisa Billá were very effective with five goals in the second period and the score was aready 7-3 for Tigers.

Kristina Jilkova and Klara Rozumova scored the last goals of the match and the Tigers could celebrate their bronze medals.

Stéglová and Irja Lahtinen were elected as best players.

The Tigers bronze means that the Czech Republic strengthens their third position in the Women´s EuroFloorball Cup ranking based on three previous EFC´s.

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