The IFF Central Board held its third meeting of the year in Zürich on September 26th. During the meeting the Floorball Federation of Belarus was accepted as a provisional member of the IFF.


Belarus new IFF member

During the IFF Central Board meeting the IFF CB approved the membership application from the Floorball Federation of Belarus (FFB) and now welcomes the new federation to the International Floorball family as provisional member number 49.


WFC 2009 TV Matches

At least the following matches will be televised (the deadline for closing the TV negotiations is by the end of October):

Eursosport 2: Both semi-finals & Medal matches
TV 4/Sweden: Both semi-finals & Medal matches and the group match Sweden—Czech Republic
YLE/Finland: Finnish semi-final and medal match (if playing)
Czech TV: Czech semi-final and medal match (if playing)
Swiss TV: Asked for high-lights from all Swiss games & the whole match on Sat 12th (if playing).

The IFF is also planning to stream the A-division matches over the Internet and will discuss this with the local organiser in October.’


IFF Events Organisers

The IFF has looked for organisers for the World Floorball Championships 2013 and the Men’s U19 WFC 2013 and has received the letters of interest from the following Member Associations (to be decided upon by the IFF CB):

IFF Event Preliminary dates Interested organises
WFC 2013 (Women) (07-15.12.2013) Czech Floorball Union
U19 WFC 2013 (Men) (08-12.05.2013) German Floorball Association

From 2010 the WFC Qualifications are played as continental qualifications and the preliminary need of organisers per year is two in Europe, one in Asia and one in Americas. The IFF is looking for organisers for the following Qualifications:Organisers needed for WFC Qualifications

WFC 2011 Qualification (Women) (02-06.02 2011)
WFC 2012 Qualification (Men) (01-05.02 2012)

The IFF Member Associations´ interest to organise a WFC Qualification shall be the IFF by hand latest October 1st 2009, either to E-mail or fax +358-9 454 214 50.


IFF Partnership Agreement

Puma Nordic and IFF have prolonged the apparel sponsor contract for the seasons 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, including an option to continue also for the period 2011-2113. The amount of material the IFF receives from Puma has been increased, in order to meet the growing need of international referees.


New IFF Educational Material

The IFF has produced a new educational material, called Learn, Start, Play – learning the game, starting up the organisation and playing in different ways. This material will be published on on Monday the 28th of September 2009.

The material is aimed for new and developing Floorball countries and  gives the reader hints of how to get started with Floorball in different surroundings. The material also gives ideas of how to get people involved and how to face and win challenges when establishing a team or an organisation.


Sanction fee for the late TUE and DOU applications

For Floorball players, who have illnesses or conditions that require them to take particular medications that happen to fall under the Prohibited List, a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) or Declaration of Use (DOU) may give that athlete the authorization to take the needed medicine.

The deadline for submitting the applications is 21 days before entering an IFF Event (WFC, EFC & Qualifications).

Starting from the Women’s World Floorball Championships 2009, the sanction fee for the late incoming Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) and Declaration of Use (DOUs) applications is 100/CHF/application. More information under Anti-doping.

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