Mika Kohonen and Karolina Widar were elected as the world´s best players for 2009. Below you will find the whole list of players in the top 10.

Men´s Top 10 2009:

  1. Mika Kohonen, Finland
  2. Fredrik Djurling, Sweden
  3. Magnus Svensson, Sweden
  4. Rickie Hyvärinen, Finland
  5. Ales Zalesny, Czech Republic
  6. Tero Tiitu, Finland
  7. Ketil Kronberg, Norway
  8. Daniel Ramsin, Sweden
  9. Niklas Jihde, Sweden
  10. Juha Kivilehto, Finland

Women´s Top 10 2009:

  1. Karolina Widar, Sweden
  2. Emelie Lindström, Sweden
  3. Simone Berner, Switzerland
  4. Sara Kristoffersson, Sweden
  5. Anne Suomalainen, Finland
  6. Hermine Dahlerus, Sweden
  7. Kaisa Malmberg, Finland
  8. Katriina Saarinen, Finland
  9. Petra Kundert, Switzerland
  10. Hanna Pettersson, Sweden

The elections have been made by Innebandymagazinet together with national team coaches and media representatives from around the world.

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