There will be a Floorball workshop organised for sport teachers and high school students during the second week of August in Jakarta.

This is the third Floorball workshop to be organised in Indonesia, but the first one with an professional Floorball coach from Australia, Jürg Kihm, who is also a member of the AOFC Central Board.

The workshop is planned to be organised for around 100 sport teachers and 300 high school students from all over Indonesia with both theoretical and practical trainings in cooperation with a University in Jakarta.

The target is to train the sport teachers in order for them to continue to train Floorball to the high school students and to have Floorball included as one of the official sport in high schools and universities.

At the moment Floorball is played once a week by a group of Indonesian and Swedish Floorball enthusiasts. The aim is also to establish a National Floorball Association in Indonesia and to register the Association in the National Sports Committee.

The IFF is supporting the projects by donating Floorball equipment for the workshop.


Source and more information from: Andreas Tedjasukmana,

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