On the 14th of May a Floorball Clinic took place in connection to the 3rd Latin American Science and Physical Education Congress and the 8th Argentine Congress in the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of La Plata.

More than 80 teachers and students across the country as well as from Brazil and Uruguay participated in the Floorball Clinic.

The clinic was held by P.E. teachers Prof. Mirian Burga and Prof. Laura Bertolotti with their students Nadia Renzetti and Santiago Mansilla.

The Chairman of the Committee of Alternative Games and Sports of Argentina (CODASPORT), Mr. Ricardo Acuna, the Floorball pioneer in Argentina, was also present at the Floorball event.

The clinic was a success. All participants learned the basics of the sport, got closer to its´ origin and history and understood how to apply floorball rules in practice.

Floorball was seen as an interesting sport for the physical education classes in schools for children of all ages. The event was concluded with a spectacular promotional floorball match played by the Club Floorball Alberti La Plata.

Prof. Mirian Burga teaches the rules of floorball.


Source: Prof. Mirian Burga
Pictures: Santiago Mansilla  

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