The IFF Central Board held its second meeting of the year during the 5th Men´s Under 19 World Floorball Championship in Turku and Raisio during which the possible organisers for future IFF events were presented.

Organisers for IFF Events

The IFF is negotiating with the following EFC Qualification and WFC Qualification organisers:

EuroFloorball Cup Qualifications 2009

EuroFloorball Cup Qualification West, Austria 19-23.08.2009
EuroFloorball Cup Qualification East Valmiera, Latvia 26-30.08.2009
EuroFloorball Cup Qualification Top 4 Nations Men, Switzerland 21-23.08.2009
EuroFloorball Cup Qualification Top 4 Nations Women, Switzerland 28-30.08.2009

The EuroFloorball Cup Final round will be played in Frederikshavn, Denmark on 14th – 18th of October 2009.

World Floorball Championships Qualifications 2010

The WFC Qualifications will be played in two tournaments in Europe, one in Asia and in America between Canada and USA.


WFC Qualification Europe organised in Poland in February 2010
WFC Qualification Europe organised in Spain in February 2010
WFC Qualification Asia & Oceania, APAC, organised in February 2010 in Singapore
WFC Qualification America in 2010, to be decided

WFC 2010 Ballot

The ballot for the WFC 2010 Final round groups will be organised today during the first intermission of the U19 semi-final, Finland – Switzerland in the Turku Arena.

The teams shall be divided into four baskets according to the World Championships ranking and so that the non-European teams will not play against each other in the first round:

Basket 1
Ranking 1-4
Basket 2
Ranking 5-8
Basket 3
Ranking 9-12
Basket 4
Ranking 13-16
Finland Latvia WFCQ Europe 1 WFCQ AOFC 1
Sweden Norway WFCQ Europe 2 WFCQ AOFC 2
Switzerland Russia WFCQ Europe 3 WFCQ AOFC 3
Czech Republic Germany WFCQ Europe 4 WFCQ America 1

Each WFC Final round group is then allotted one team from each basket.

The Qualifications for the World Floorball Championships will be played in February 2010. The WFC Qualification groups and teams are found here.

The World Floorball Championships are played in Finland in December 2010.

World University Championships 2010

The 4th World Floorball University Championships will be organised by the Swedish University Sports Federation in Umeå on the 12th to 16th of May 2010. The tournament will be organised for both men and women in close cooperation with the Floorball club IKSU, the biggest university sports club in Sweden.

The University championships will be played in the IKSU Sport Centre, Helsingfors Arena and England arena. The third arena will be Gammliahallen, which is situated 1,1 km from the IKSU Sport Centre.

IWGA Membership Application

In connection with receiving the recognition from the IOC, the question for applying for membership in the International World Games Association was again re-opened. The IFF Central Board decided to apply for the membership in the IWGA in order to be able to participate in the World Games in the future.

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