The IFF Central Board held its first meeting (per capsulam) of the year during which the IFF CB Committees (MC, RC and RACC) were constituted. 

In addition the IFF CB decided to change the Registration fees for the Men´s World Floorball Championship 2010. Below you will find more information about the topics decided upon during the meeting.


Constitution of the CB Committees

The CB decided during its last meeting to return to the constitution of the Medical Committee (MC), the Referee Committee (RC) and the Rules and Competition Committee (RACC) based on the proposals made by the elected chairmen.

Medical Committee

Dr. Walter O. Frey (Switzerland) Chair – re-elected by the IFF CB on the 14th of December 2008

Dr. Tiina Nylander (Finland) Vice chair – re-election
Dr. Lars-Erik Bartels (Denmark) – re-election
Dr. Patricia Wallace (Australia) – new
Dr. Thor Halse (Sweden), Orthopedist – re-election

Referee Committee

Mr. Hans Botman (Netherlands) Chair – elected by the IFF CB on the 14th of December 2008

Mr. Thomas Thim (Sweden), Vice-chair – re-election
Mr. Lukas Gyger (Switzerland) – new
Mr. Klaus Koskela (Finland) – re-election
Mr. Jan Nordli (Norway) – new
Mr. Petr Seda (Czech Republic) – new

Rules and Competition Committee

Mr. Filip Suman (Czech Republic) Chair – re-elected by the IFF CB on the 14th of December 2008

Mr.   Martin Wolmhed (Sweden), vice chair – re-election
Mr.   Marek Budzinski (Poland) – new
Mr.   Andris Dzenis (Latvia) – new
Mrs. Heidi Leb (Austria) – new
Mr.   Sani Mohd. Salim (Singapore) – new
Mr.   Ari Vehniainen (Finland) – new

The CB further decided that the committees shall come up with a tasks-description of the committee and a work-description of its members until the 15th of April 2009.

Registration fees for the WFC 2010

At its meeting in Budapest (03/2009) the CB decided to form a working group consisting of Mr. Tomas Jonsson and Mr. John Liljelund to come up with a proposal for a new system for participation fees and compensation for the participants in IFF events. The proposal will be distributed to the CB by end of January as decided.

The IFF CB decided to change already the registration fees for the Men’s WFC  2010 in Finland, which will be played with 16 teams (according to the working group proposal), in order to minimise the burden of the local organisers.

The Registration fees for the WFC 2010 are the following:

Direct qualified teams                 CHF 5.000   (prev. 4.000)                          Starts WFC 2010
Teams in the qualification round  CHF 2.000 + referee costs  (prev. 2.000)     Starts WFC 2010

Teams having qualified for the final round shall then in addition pay the difference between the qualification fee and the full fee. The motivation to include the referee costs to the attending Associations is to encourage a member to organise a qualifying round, since both the participating teams and the IFF are taking over the biggest outside cost, namely those of the referees.

The Minutes from the CB Meeting 1/2009 are published on under Organisation and Meetings.

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