The final day in O2 Arena started with the match for 5th place between Latvia and Norway. Both teams were willing to fight for the victory and the match offered an intensive game for the 3 267 spectators.

In the first period Norway controlled the ball more and pushed hard in the start. The Latvians on the other hand had a very disciplined defence and although the game was most of the time in the Norwegian offensive zone, they were not able to create really good scoring chances.

When Latvia got the ball, they put their effort to counter attacks. Norwegians had troubles with the fast Latvian forwards and Latvia managed to score three goals after counter attacks. Therefore the result after first period was 3-0 to Latvia.

The Norwegian domination with the ball possession forced Latvia to take penalties. In the first period Norway did not yet succeed to score in the power play. This changed in the second period as the Norwegians pressured in the power play gave goals as a result. Norway managed to reduce the Latvian lead to 4-3 and this was the score in the second intermission.

In the beginning of the third period Norway tied the match. Thomas Straete punished Latvia and the equaliser was scored after a fast counter attack. However, the joy from this goal did not last long as Latvia took the lead again only two minutes after the equaliser. During a Latvian penalty the Norwegians had their chances to score and kept on trying hard.

When the Latvians recovered from the penalty, they were able to create dangerous counter attacks and Jãnis Jansons increased the lead to two goals. Norwegians made a beautiful goal after nice passing, but still they were one goal behind the Latvians.

During the last minutes Norway was playing without their goalkeeper and pushing hard. However the Latvian defence was strong and they were slightly better with 6-5.

The best players of the match were Raitums Artis from Latvia and  Ole Mossin Olesen from Norway.

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