The Finnish team had waited for this moment, to play and win the final versus Sweden, having the heavy losses from previous WFC´s still in fresh memory.

Last time, WFC 2006, the Finns lost with an over time goal after they had led with 5-3 in the third period. The WFC 2008 final had the same phases as in 2006, the final goal scorer making the difference as Tero Tiitu scored the golden goal for Finland in 65.12 and took Finland to their first ever WFC victory.

Crushing first period for Finland

After only 1.02 Mika Kavekari scored the first goal and as the Finnish power play was very efficient and two power play goals increased Finland´s lead. The 4-0 goal was scored by Kari Koskelainen, who was left without guard in front of the Swedish goal.

The best player during the beginning of the match was however Rickie Hyvärinen, who with his excellent ball handling skills created brilliant chances, 1+2 for Hyvärinen after 20 minutes.

Swedish comeback

If the first period was all Finland´s the second period was all Sweden´s. After only 46 seconds, Fredrik Djurling reduced the Finnish lead as he was given too much room in the Finnish defensive zone. During Sweden´s power play, Niklas Jihde scored a typical Jihde goal from an air ball in front of te goal and when the Finns did not get their own game going at all it was only a matter of time before the next Swedish goal was to be scored. In 33.25 Daniel Calebsson reduced the Finnish lead to 3-4 after a nice wrist shot.

The third period was divided into two phases, where Sweden dominated the first and Finland the second. Kimmo Eskelinen´s and  Fredrik Djurling´s long distance shots took Sweden into the lead for the first time in the match. Djurling, who was elected the best Swedish player, also passed to Jihde´s second of the night, 6-4 for Sweden.

The Dramatic turns continued

First Mika Kohonen missed a penalty shot then the Finnish power play, which was 100 % effective tonight, evened the score in 55.51. It was Lassi Vänttinen, the special situation player of the match, who scored his second and third power play goals.

Historic victory for Finland

The over time was very exciting and both teams had their opportunitites. In 67.12 Tiitu succeeded to put the ball into the net after an excellent play by Rickie Hyvärinen, who dribbled the ball pass the Swedish defence and offered Tiitu the open net.

Hyvärinen and Djurling were awarded as best players

Read Hyvärinen´s interview about the decisive goal here and Tero Tiitu´s interview here. Niklas Jihde´s interview is to be found here.

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