The IFF CB constituted itself in a meeting in Prague on th 14th of December 2008 as follows:

Constitution of the CB

Tomas Eriksson, Sweden – elected by the IFF General Assembly

Vice President
Renato Orlando, Switzerland

Per Jansson,

Board members
Mr. Hans Botman,
Netherlands (new)
Mr. Per Jansson, Sweden
Mr. Risto Kauppinen, Finland
Mr. Stephen King, Australia (new)
Mr. Renato Orlando, Switzerland
Mr. Filip Suman, Czech Republic

John Liljelund, Stephen King, Hans Botman, Renato Orlando,
Filip Suman, Tomas Eriksson, Per Jansson, Risto Kauppinen


Appointment of Secretary General and the Office

Mr. Eriksson proposes to re-elect Mr. Liljelund as IFF General Secretary for the upcoming two year period 2009 – 2010 and to keep the IFF Office in Helsinki for the two coming years, based on the agreement made with the Finnish federation in 2004.

Constitution of the Executive Committee (ExCo)

The IFF ExCo was constituted, consisting of the IFF President Mr. Tomas Eriksson as chairman, and the IFF vice president and the IFF secretary general as members. The secretary general will also act as the secretary of the ExCo.

Executive Committee
Tomas Eriksson, Sweden, President
Renato Orlando, Switzerland
John Liljelund, Finland

Constitution of the Committees and Functions

The previous IFF CB has asked the member associations to nominate candidates to the IFF committees until the 5th of December. The nominations were asked for the Medical Committee, Rules and Competition Committee and the Referee Committee and sixteen member associations nominated persons to the committees.

The CB constituted these three committees and the following functions: Development function, Information function, Marketing function and Material function. The IFF CB also decided to form a new function, the Equality function. The IFF CB then elected the chairmen for the CB Committees and Functions.

Constituted as Committee and Function Chairmen were:

Mr. Per Jansson, Athletes Commission
Mr. Walter Frey, Switzerland, Medical Committee
Mr. Hans Botman, Netherlands, Referee Committee
Mr. Filip Suman, Czech Republic, Rules and Competition Committee
Mr. Renato Orlando, Switzerland, Development Function
Mr. Per Jansson, Sweden, Equality Function
Mr. Stephen King, Australia, Information Function
Mr. Risto Kauppinen, Finland, Marketing Function
Mr. John Liljelund, Finland, Material Function

Furthermore the constitution of the members for the Committees and Functions shall be done by a per capsulam CB meeting by the 10th of January, based on the proposals of the committee/function chairman.

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