Finland captured the bronze after a very tight match played in Wolsztyn arena in front of 500 spectators. Wioletta Bialon and Ella Alanko were the best players of their teams in the match which finally was won by Finland with 4-3.

Team Finland possessed the ball in the beginning of the match, but the Polish did a good job in directing the Finns to the corners. Poland then also started to get more control of the game and created good chances. One of the opportunities was utilized by Marta Stachowiak, who put in a rebound and the game was 1-0 to Poland. Only one minute later Finland´s Milla Mettiäinen put in a similar rebound and equalised the score to 1-1.

The second period was entertaining to watch and the game was also very physical. It was now Poland that took the command and Wioletta Bialon took Poland into a 2-1 lead. Then it was Finland´s turn to pressure, Eerika Suominen and Ella Alanko took Finland into the lead for the first time in the match. Only nine seconds later Wioletta Bialon was able to break through the Finnish defence and she did not miss, 3-3 after two periods.

Wioletta Bialon had a great opportunity to score her third goal of the match, but missed the penalty shot. The power play following the penalty was not working either and bit by bit team Finland that took charge of the game. Especially Ella Alanko showed great fighting spirit and it paid off as she scored her second and the winning goal for team Finland after 49 minutes. Ella Alanko (2+0) and Wioletta Bialon (2+1) were also awarded as best players of the game.

The Polish team played very good floorball in their home tournament and was very close of winning the first ever WFC medal. The skilful players like Wioletta Bialon and Malgorzata Pazio, will certainly improve the level of women´s floorball in Poland in the years to come.


Czech Republic placed 5th

Czech Republic and Norway played 45 minutes without any goals, but during the last 15 minutes the Czechs could take home the victory with 4-1 and the 5th place. Norway is placed 6th in the tournament.

The match for the 5th place was a very unusual floorball match as the score was still 0-0 after two periods. In 45.35 Tereza Urbánková scored the first goal of for the Czechs. Norway had their opportunity to equal the score as the Czechs took a 2 minutes penalty, but poor movement on power play and no goal for Norway. The Czech power play two minutes later was not better and Martina Hall got the opportunity to break free and score the equaliser for Norway.

As Norwegians took a two minutes penalty and a second one for incorrect entering the rink, the Czechs could take advantage of the situation and scored two power play goals and the match was settled.



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