Tatran Stresovice won the finals against 1. SC SKK Vítkovice by 3-1 in matches. 1. SC SKK Vítkovice won the third match with 6-5, but Tatran was stronger in the fourth match on Sunday and could regain their championship title.

In the fourth and final match Tatran showed to be the best team in the country by taking a 4-0 lead in the first period. In the second period both teams managed to score once but in the last 20 minutes, Tatran took the lead all the way to 10-1 before Vítkovice´s second and last goal of the match was scored just 14 seconds before the match ended.

Ales Hlavicka (3+0) was the top goal scorer of the match but was assisted by Michal Jedlicka (1+4) and Martin Richter (1+3).

See the match record here.

Picture: Mika Hilska

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