Sweden could renew their 10-2 victory in the ninth annual Finland versus Sweden tournament.

Sweden was the better team in all categories (U19 Men, U19 Women, Men, Women) and gained two points from all four matches and an additional two points from the penalty shoot out victories in Women and U19 Men.

Sweden could take home the victories in the Under 19 Women´s, Under 19 Men´s as well as in the Women´s category  with a very impressive eight goal difference as the final scores were 10-2 (U19 Women), 13-5 (U19 Men) and 9-1 (Women).

The Men´s match was tighter and the score was 1-1 after the first period, but then David Gillek, who played his first international match, showed that he is of national team quality as he scored two goals in his debut match. The final score was 4-1 to Sweden. There were 1922 spectators following the match in Tampere.

All the statistics can be found here.





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