The Floorball championships 2007 in Korea were played the 20th – 21st of October in Daejeon city in the center of South Korea.The FloorMoppers won the men´s championship title after a tight fight with Jong ro F.L.C. The new team Incheon White Angels won the women´s championship title.

News clips from the championships were broadcasted by the Daejeon TV and also some newspapers followed the Floorball championships in Korea.


The Korean Floorball Federation had invited many PE teachers to watch the games and according to Mr. H.J. Kim from KFF the whole event was a big success. There are currently eight men´s teams and four women´s teams playing in Korea, but starting from 2008 there will be one more women´s team and four more men´s teams that will start to play Floorball.

Men´s Final Standings:

1. FloorMoppers
2. Jong ro F.L.C
3. Daejeon Red Hawks
4. Incheon White Angels
5. Buffalo

Women´s Final Standings:

1. Incheon White Angels
2. Jong ro F.L.C
3. Buffalo

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