he first championship tournament in Croatia was played on the 30th of June and the first Croatian Floorball champion is F.C Tigers from Zadar.

F.C Tigers won the final over F.C Gladiators with the result 7-2.
Goals were made by: 1-0 Júre Ivic(TIGERS), 1-1 Filip Mlakic(GLADIATORS),
1-2 Filip Mlakic(GLADIATORS), 2-2 Marijan Sabic(TIGERS), 3-2 Roko Kursar(TIGERS),
4-2 Virgil Jureskin(TIGERS), 5-2 Anto Ljubic(TIGERS), 6-2 Roko Kursar(TIGERS),
7-2 Marijan Sabic(TIGERS).

Team coaches: TIGERS, Roko Kursar – GLADIATORS, Kristijan Zec and Dusko Marusic
Referee: Robert Loncaric

Text: Roko Kursar/F.C. Tigers

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