This past weekend in Richmond Hill, the Ontario Minor Hockey Association hosted their Annual General Meeting. The Ontario Floorball/Unihockey Federation secured a joint presence at the meeting to help introduce the sport of Floorball and the services of the OFUF to the Ontario minor hockey community.

The OMHA Annual General Meeting is the largest gathering of minor hockey administrators in the world with 1,000 people attending on average. In addition to administrators, the 100 OMHA Championship teams (approximately 3,500 players, coaches, trainers, friends and family) are invited to the Parade of Champions to be presented their championship banners.

Floorball was very well received by OMHA administrators and by the players. They were impressed that the skills one can learn playing Floorball easily translate to ice hockey and that by playing the sport they could improve their stick-handling, passing, shooting, heads up play and conditioning. The zorro demonstrations put on by the OFUF proved to be a huge hit with the players as was the fact that Floorball could aid them in learning the “toe drag” or “pull in” shot.

Overall, the weekend was a great success for the OFUF and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the Ontario minor hockey community in the future.

Juha Mikkola
Ontario Floorball/Unihockey Federation

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