Floorball history was made on the 12th of April when the very first Floorball match was played in Pattaya. A lot of enthusiastic youngsters as well as school teachers took part in the first ever Floorball event in Thailand.

Floorball was introduced in Pattaya by a professional golfing coach at the Pattaya expats club, Mr. Ossi Viljanen. Also the IFF CB Member Mr. Risto Kauppinen has been closely involved in the Floorball project in Thailand. The IFF has further supported the Thai project by donating an Exel Floorball equipment package for the enthusiastic Floorball persons in order to develop the game in Thailand.

The development of Floorball will continue in Pattaya and the aim is to spread the game also to other parts of Thailand. The plan is to have regular Floorball trainings every Sunday for both children and adults in Pattaya. There are also plans to organise an international Floorball tournament at the Chaimongkhol school in July 7th-8th. More information about the tournament and the development of Floorball in Thailand will follow.

Clips from the first Floorball match played in Thailand can be found here and you can read the article published in the Pattaya People Weekly from here.

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