The IFF Medical Committee constituted itself in a meeting held in Zürich, 8th of February 2007.

Dr. Med. Walter O. Frey from Switzerland was elected Chair of the IFF Medical Committee and Dr. Med. Tiina Nylander from Finland was elected Vice Chair of the IFF MC. The third member of the IFF Medical Committee is Dr. Med. Pernille Opstrup from Denmark. The aim is to have two more members in the IFF Medical Committee in the near future.

The IFF Medical Committee is responsible for granting Therapeutic Use Exemptions to Floorball players that are required to take prohibited medications (more information about TUE´s and the Prohibited List is found here). The IFF Medical Committee will also be involved in other fields regarding the athletes´ health in the future.

The work of the IFF Medical Committee is very important in order for the IFF to fully comply with the World Anti-Doping Code and the requirements of the Olympic movement.

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