AIK new EC Champion for Men

The Swedish teams AIK and Warberg met in the Men´s EC Final. These teams are familiar to one another from the Swedish Elitserien and the last match was a draw.

Warberg took an early lead, the goal scored by Magnus Danielsson, but in the end of the period AIK had several chances to equalize without succeeding.

Already 13 seconds into the 2nd period Mats Carlsson equalized for AIK and in a power play AIK took the lead, 2-1, the goal scored by Niklas Jihde. During this period AIK controlled the match.
10 minutes into the 2nd period Mikael Holmer scores 2-2 starting a good period for Warberg.
After 18:56 Joakim Andersson scored for Warberg who the was in the lead 3-2 after 2 periods.

During the nine first minutes of the 3rd period AIK scored three times (Peter Fischerström, Patrik Edgren and Mats Carlsson) and it looked, with a 5-3 lead, like AIK had closed the match. After 10:06 Magnus Danielsson scored for Warberg during a power play and it was match again. Warberg had a few chances to equalize but after 17:11 Niklas Jihde increased the AIK lead to 6-4.
Warberg took a time-out at 17:45 to make a last effort and nearly managed. Tony Eriksson scored 6-5 after 19:06 and in the last seconds Magnus Svensson had a shot hitting the net but outside the post.
In the end the day belonged to AIK who won their first European Cup title having defeated Warberg with 6-5.
Best players: Mats Carlsson, AIK & Joakim Andersson, Warberg IC

Men´s All Star team:

Goalkeeper: Peter Sjögren, Warberg IC
Defender: Peter Fischerström, AIK
Defender: Mathias Larsson, Warberg IC
Center: Esa Jussila, UHC Alligator Malans
Forward: Mikael Karlsson, AIK
Forward: Markus Bollström, Espoon Oilers


UHC Dietlikon new Women´s EC Champion

The women´s Final was a very tight and entertaining match right from the start with two very physical teams playing

IKSU scored the first goal only after one minute but in 8:48 Simone Berner scored the equaliser for Dietlikon. The second period started as the first when IKSU went into the lead only after one minute. Then Dietlikon got the game going and scored the two next goals and for the first time they were leading the match.

In the third period it was Dietlikon who scored the first goal and they got to a 4-2 lead. The match was however not over and when Dietlikon got a two minutes penalty Monika Lindkvist made it 4-3. IKSU tried hard until the end and even took out the goalkeeper but Dietlikon managed to block all the shots successfully and are the new European Cup Champions.

Best players: Sofia Olsson, IKSU & Mirca Anderegg, UHC Dietlikon

Women´s All Star team:

Goalkeeper: Jonna Mälelä, Lappeenranta
Defender: Simone Berner, UHC Dietlikon
Defender: Ina Rhöös, IKSU
Center: Mari Magnusson, IKSU
Forward: Monika Lindkvist, IKSU
Forward: Sara Schäfer, UHC Dietlikon


Espoon Oilers and Lappeenranta took the bronze

The Men´s and Women´s club teams from Finland both won their bronze matches today.

Espoon Oilers played versus UHC Alligator Malans in the Men´s early bronze match and it looked as if Oilers had recovered from yesterday´s Semi-Final loss. They scored four goals in the first period and the match seemed already settled. Alligator Malans could however come back in the game by scoring three goals in the second period, but this was as close as they could get and Oilers took home the bronze.

Markus Bollström, Espoon Oilers 3+2
Esa Jussila, Alligator Malans 0+4

Lappeenranta won their bronze match against Liberec. Although the goal difference was quite big in the end it was not an easy victory for Lappeenranta. The score was only 3-2 to Lappeenranta when going in to the third period. Then Lappeenranta increased their lead steadily and they won the bronze match 7-2.

Heli Suoreijus, Lappeenranta 3+0
Lenka Bartosova, Liberec 1+1





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