IFF Jury Decision, May 23rd, 2006
Malmö, Sweden,

In the match between Switzerland and Germany, on the 23rd of the May, the German player #88 Fredrik Holtz received a Match Penalty 3 at 60.00.

Switzerland scored a goal just before the time had run out in the end of the third period. When the players where going to the face-off, the Swiss players were a bit slow to get ready. Then the player Fredrik Holtz shoots the ball directly at one of the referees. The referees feel that it was made intentionally and that the player was looking at the referee. The German team gives the explanation that the player was trying to shoot the ball over the rink and that he had no intention to hit the referee. The German team made a protest in the Match Record and returned the protest inside the required time and paid the protest fee to a member of the Jury.

Both the referees and the German team have given their reports in writing, upon which the Jury, taking all the facts into consideration has made the following decision, without Mr. Renato Orland, Jury Chairman, who has not taken part in the decision making since the other team in the match is Switzerland.

The Jury has denied the protest made by the German Team, based on the fact that the decision of the referee is not a technical matter and can therefore not be a reason for protest. The protest fee will not be refunded.

The Jury further, in accordance with the IFF Juridical regulation (Sec. II, § 3.2., point c), decided that the player Fredrik Holtz will be disqualified for the two next matches of the German team; Germany – Sweden 24th of May and Norway – Germany 25th of May.

The decision of the Jury is final and without appeal.


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