The IFF has in the last months intensively discussed and looked upon how to improve our work internally, in order to meet our vision and missions.

The Central Board of IFF has come to the conclusion to stress three different fields. These are, marketing, development and politics, the latter meaning in the field of sports. Up til today the IFF has had a number of different committees, which have done their best with the means available. However, the lack of professional employees has been obvious. IFF look forward to, in the near future, to inform about the new build up of the IFF office.

At its meeting in August the CB discussed new guidelines for the internal work, and the objectives were to better meet with our vision and missions. One conclusion drawn was to have more professionals working for the IFF administration.

The CB decided at its meeting in Zürich on January 8 that, in the field of Development IFF vice President, Mr Renato Orlando, will be responsible and head of development, together with the CB members Mr John Liljelund and Mr Martin Vaculik. In short, these three will constitute the stearing group that will set the objectives, and the keyword is co-ordination, co-ordination of all international development initiatives. A panel of good instructors will be formed in order to work with organizational development as well as development in the field of coaches and referees.

In the field of marketing the CB decided to appoint a stearing group, with CB member Per Jansson as head of marketing and responsible, together with Mr Risto Kauppinen and Mr Peter Lindström. During the European Cup there was a first marketing meeting between the five invited nations, i.e the Czech Republic, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. The objectives are to raise the level of common knowledge for Floorball by the public internationally at large, as well as raising the marketing activities by IFF. The five discussed how to build the network and to start the process. The strategy will most probably be stressing sales.

Furthermore the CB decided to constitute the two important operational committees, the RC and the RACC. IFF President Mr Tomas Eriksson said: “I am confident by stressing the fields of marketing, development and politics more intensively we will be able to meet with our Vision and the objectives set. By working on a project management basis in the fields of marketing and development we will be more efficient and precise and will meet with the Vision set by the General Assembly. In order to have only two operational committees we emphasise the importance of these fields, i.e referees and competition, says Tomas Eriksson”.

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