At the CB Meeting in Zürich on January 8, 2005, the Central Board decided to grant Korea and Ukraine provisional membership of IFF. Korea is member number 33 and Ukraine is member number 34.

“I am very pleased with the good and solid applications for membership in Floorball from Korea and Ukraine, says IFF President Tomas Eriksson”. Floorball is not only growing in Europe but also in Asia and strong members are vital for the Floorball development. Tomas Eriksson states, “With Korea as a new member in Asia I am confident that the development in Asia will be given another good boast. I am also pleased with the good co-operation shown by all Asian countries at the Asian and Oceania Summit in December in Singapore. Korea is heartily welcomed to take part, in both the co-operation in general and in particular in the founding of the Asian and Oceania Confederation, says Tomas Eriksson”. “With Ukraine, a big country in Europe, now having joined the Floorball family, it will give Floorball a good co-operating partner in the region, and also help Floorball grow in other parts in that region within Europe, and this is important for Floorball´s Vision to be Olympic, stresses IFF President Tomas Eriksson”.

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