Lidl Switzerland has been the naming partner of Switzerland’s top floorball league since 1 July 2022. As a result, the National League A will be given a new name and branding from the coming 2022/23 season.

The highest division in Swiss floorball will now bear the names Lidl Unihockey Prime League Women and Lidl Unihockey Prime League Men.

— It is the highest league, the premium product of Swiss floorball. We have adapted the name accordingly, says National League President Thomas Schwarz. Not only the name has been adapted, but also the branding. There are now two different colours for the men and women, so that the colour alone makes it clear which league is involved. But Lidl Switzerland does not just want to be present in the name and visuals.

— We want to offer added value for the players, the fans, the clubs and the whole community and become part of it, says Mathias Kaufmann, media spokesman for Lidl Switzerland. Various joint activities will be implemented during the 2022/23 season, such as the “Lidl Goal of the Week”.

The anticipation for the first joint season is great for both the association and Lidl Switzerland.

— We will be able to tap into additional target groups through Lidl. This will bring us more spectators in the hall, but also digitally, was added by Schwarz.

— The Swiss Floorball Association is growing strongly, as are we ourselves. Now we want to make a contribution and achieve great things together, Kaufmann from Lidl Switzerland adds:

The first round of the Lidl Floorball Prime League Women and Men starts next Sunday, 11 September.

Source: Swiss Unihockey

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