The Danish Women’s and Men’s Superfinals are played on the 6th of June in Helsingør and finally there will also be spectators back in the arena. 

The first match will be the Women’s final where Copenhagen Floorball Club meets Aarhus Floorball Klub TST79. The Men’s final will be played between Frederikshavn Blackhawks and Benløse Floorball Club.

Last season was suspended due to the Covid-19, so no champions was crowned. Back in 2019 Copenhagen won the Women’s championship for the first time and the Men’s final ended in a close 2-1 victory to Benløse against Frederikshavn. So, the Men’s final will be a replay of the final back in 2019.

— It will exciting to have our two finals, we are allowed to have spectators back in the arena again, though only 500 will be allowed for the match. So, we are really looking forward to see floorball again, says Steen Houman, President of Floorball Denmark

— We are also looking forward to the next season and to get back to normal again and we are in Denmark sure we will see our sport continue to growth. 

Both matches will also be broadcast on Danish TV.

Match schedule
Women’s Superfinal 13:00
Men’s Superfinal 16:15

Source & more information: Floorball Denmark

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