The top Czech Floorball Leagues are also starting this weekend and the first matches are played on Saturday the 12th of September. Šimon Tittel, Editor-in-chief and media contact at Czech Floorball, provides the latest information from the Czech leagues.

How is the preparation for the new season going in your country? How does it differ from last season?

– It’s not easy and the main reason is obvious. The players had been practicing individually for quite some time but it’s slowly getting back to normal. Some top flight’s teams are quarantined right now so they have to delay some of their opening games. But probably the most positive news we can offer is the fact that the “Federální derby 2020”, the four Czechia vs Slovakia games in Prague, was a great success. We’re delighted we had the opportunity to bring the international floorball back to life.

Are there any winner favourites and major changes in the main leagues/among the teams?

– There’s only one new club in the Czech top divisions. Florbalová akademie Mladá Boleslav has been promoted to Extraliga žen for the first time in its history and it’s the first club ever from the Central Bohemia Region to participate in this league.

– We’re expecting Předvýběr.CZ Florbal MB and 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice to battle for the cup in Livesport Superliga. Tatran Teka Střešovice, Florbal Chodov and ACEMA Sparta Praha are the wild cards. Vítkovice should also dominate the Extraliga žen because its main rival, Florbal Chodov, lost twelve players during the offseason.

Photo by Martin Flousek

Interesting player transfers to and from Czech Republic:

  • Ondřej Němeček (Linköping -> Tatran Střešovice)
  • Ondřej Vítovec (EräViikingit -> Tatran Střešovice)
  • Daniel Mück (Zug United -> FBC Liberec)
  • Jiří Bauer (FBC Ostrava -> Florbal Chodov)
  • Jonáš Kreysa (Tatran Střešovice -> Höllviken)
  • Martin Pražan (Florbal Chodov -> Uster)
  • Josef Rýpar (Vítkovice -> Linköping)
  • Lukáš Řezanina (Vítkovice -> ATU Košice)
  • Martin Kisugite (Höllviken -> Köniz)
  • Martina Řepková (Florbal Chodov -> Piranha Chur)
  • Nela Jiráková (Florbal Chodov -> Piranha Chur)
  • Magdaléna Plášková (Florbal Chodov -> Red Ants)
  • Hana Koníčková (KD Jets -> Red Ants)
  • Ivana Šupáková (Vítkovice -> Zug United)
  • Kamila Paloncyová (Vítkovice -> Zug United)
  • Pavlína Bačová (Bulldogs Brno -> FBC Ostrava)
  • Lina Hägg (Sundsvalls -> Vítkovice)
  • Anna Bachratá (Bulldogs Brno -> Floorball Riders Bubikon)
  • Michaela Šponiarová (Classic -> Vítkovice)
  • Alžbeta Ďuríková (Classic -> Vítkovice)
  • Nikol Pekárková (FBC Česká Lípa -> UHV Skorpion Emmental)
  • Lucie Řezáčová (Tigers Jižní Město -> UHV Skorpion Emmental)

How to follow the Czech League

There will be several Livesport Superliga games being broadcasted live on ČT Sport, Czech public service television sports channel. All the games from Livesport Superliga, Extraliga žen and 1. liga mužů can also be watched live  here ->

More information:

The IFF has asked all top 10 countries to provide a 2020-21 season preview of their top leagues. More season previews will be published on the IFF website soon. If you want your floorball league or development stories to be featured on the IFF channels, send your story to media(at)!

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