In Finland the top teams are ready for the first season under the new F-liiga brand. The Women’s F-liiga will start on Saturday 19th of September and the Men’s F-liiga on Sunday 20th September. Ilari Isotalo, the F-liiga Head of Communications, shares his insights of the Finnish League.

Some F-liiga teams started their season in last weekend’s Super Cup.

How is the preparation for the new season going in your country? How does it differ from last season?

– This has been historical summer – we have been preparing first season with new F-liiga. We are really excited about new brand and new outlook! We want to create the most respected, moving and commercial floorball league in the world.

Are there any winner favourites and major changes in the main leagues/among the teams? 


– Classic is always one of the biggest favourites. But after that there will be really tight: Westend Indians, Esport Oilers, Nokian KrP, TPS and Happee, EräViikingit and SPV are all really good teams. And we might see some surprises too! 


– There are two “big ones” right now: PSS from Porvoo and SB-Pro from Nurmijärvi. Those two teams are big favourites – and it impossible to say yet which is team is the frontrunner.

SB-Pro and PSS are the biggest winner favourites for this season. Photo by Ville Vuorinen


Any interesting transfers, player news or other facts?

  • Eero Kosonen -> Steelers
  • Silvan Bolliger -> Happee
  • Roni Laasonen -> Happee
  • Erik Storgårds -> TPS
  • Celine Stettler -> PSS
  • Juulia Kataja -> SB-Pro
  • Suvi Hämäläinen –> Koovee
  • Juuli Hakkarainen -> SaiPa

How to follow the top leagues?

– You can follow the games and stats from here:

Social Media accounts:

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