The top scorers of both Men’s and Women’s NLA are awarded by Mobiliar, the main partner of Swiss Floorball Association, when the regular season is over. This money goes to supporting young talents in the club. 

Each top scorer will receive a personal check from Mobiliar during their first play-off or play-out home game. The amount of points collected by the top scorer decides how much money will be available for his/her clubs’ junior department. This way, the Mobiliar does not only promote today’s top scorers, but also those of tomorrow. Overall, Mobiliar is investing a total of 100 000 CHF in the top-scorer engagement.

In the Women’s NLA,  Corin Rüttimann (Piranha Chur) collected the most points, even more than last season. Last season she also had the most points after the regular season. This year her number of points was 55 (33 goals and 22 assists). In the Men’s NLA the top scorer was Michael Schiess (Waldkirch-St. Gallen) who gathered 52 points (23 goals and 29 assists) during the regular season.

Paolo Riedi, top scorer GC Unihockey. Photo: Tobias Wagen /

NLA Women

Corin Rüttimann (Piranha Chur): 55 points (33+22)
Simone Wyss (Wizards Bern Burgdorf): 40 points (23+17)
Isabelle Gerig (Kloten-Dietlikon Jets): 40 points (21+19)
Sara Piispa (Unihockey Berner Oberland): 38 points (22+16)
Vanessa Kapp (UHC Laupen): 31 points (12+19)
Nathalie Spichiger (Skorpion Emmental Zollbrück): 28 points (20+8)
Simona Teggi (SU Mendrisiotto): 21 points (11+10)
Nicole Mattle (R.A. Rychenberg Winterthur): 20 points (9+11)
Julia Kradolfer (UH Red Lions Frauenfeld): 15 points (13+2)
Sandra Kuster (Zug United): 13 points (9+4)


Michael Schiess (Waldkirch St. Gallen): 52 points (23+29)
Paolo Riedi (GC Unihockey): 52 points (19+33)
Stefan Hutzli (Floorball Köniz) 47 points (23+24)
Simon Flühmann (Tigers Langnau): 39 points (14+25)
Andreas Dahlqvist (Zug United): 26 points (22+14)
Joonas Pylsy (SV Wiler-Ersigen): 36 points (21+15)
Oscar Eriksson-Elfsberg (UHC Alligator Malans): 34 points (26+8)
Tuomas Iiskola (HC Rychenberg Winterthur): 31 points (18+13)
Sandro Cavelti (Chur Unihockey): 30 points (21+9)
David Simek (UHC Thun): 29 points (25+4)
Niko Juhola (UHC Uster): 28 points (15+13)
Robin Markström (Ad Astra Sarnen): 23 points (15+8)

Source: Swiss Floorball Association

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