A total of 39 IFF Member Associations attended the 5th IFF Associations’ Meeting on December 14th in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, held in connection with the Women’s World Floorball Championships. The first day of the Association’s Meeting focused on the IFF Strategy for 2021 – 2032.

– Much has been achieved in the present Strategy until 2020, with growth of number of countries, and entry in more Multi Sport Events. However, we must also fill a few growth pockets such as the sales of sponsorship, and closing gaps between floorball countries, both in the field of play and in developing the organisations. It is very important for the IFF that the Member Associations actively participate in shaping the future of floorball and setting the strategic targets, IFF President, Mr. Tomas Eriksson, said in his opening speech.

The IOC Marketing Director, Mr. Timo Lumme, gave the keynote speech for the IFF strategy workshop. Mr. Lumme presented the IOC’s view on sports marketing and how it effects the International Federations.

– At the IOC, we’re delighted to see that the sport of floorball and the IFF have already begun to participate in that process of change. We commend you for your initiatives. For example, we welcome your recent decision to appoint an agency, Protocol Sports Marketing, to go out and proactively seek sponsors and broadcasters that will partner with you to help grow and develop your sport.

Mr. Lumme then continued by presenting the importance of Cause-Led Marketing and concluded by giving guidance on how IFF could best utilise this:

– Of course, we know that the IOC is not the IFF, and the Olympic Games are not floorball, which faces its own distinct set of challenges in claiming the attention of partners. But you’ve already created your own potential cause-based marketing platform with your ‘GoGirls! Floorball’ project; you’ve already launched sustainability initiatives based on recycling floorball equipment; you’re already raising the profile of your sport through partnering with the Olympic Channel; and you already have the results of a wide-ranging impact study showing the value of hosting your flagship event. Perhaps all these initiatives could be grouped together into a package or packages that would prove attractive to new partners?

The first strategy workshop session concentrated on the question of how to secure continued growth of floorball. The Member Associations were divided into nine working groups based on Member Association size. Each group had the task to define the three most crucial factors that the IFF must achieve to continue developing the sport and the most concrete threats for future positive development.

The second strategy workshop session focused on the strategic targets and on what should be done to reach these targets. The Member Associations were then divided into groups based on geography.

– We have received very valuable input both from the reference group and now from the IFF Member Associations. The IFF wants to sincerely thank everyone that has taken part in the process so far. Now the hardest work begins, then the Strategy Task Force shall analyse all the input received and start the actual writing process, IFF Secretary General, Mr. John Liljelund informed.

IFF Strategy Process continues

The IFF Strategy Task Force will continue to work on the IFF strategy 2021-2032 and have their next meeting in Zürich, Switzerland, Friday 14th to Saturday 15th. During the meeting the outcome of the IFF Associations’ meeting will be evaluated and the STF will start drafting a first version of the strategy document.

The IFF ExCo acts as a Steering Group for the process keeping it on track. The Task Force will make two preliminary submissions to the Floorball Community, with the first version in April 2020 and the second in August in 2020. The IFF CB will then prepare the final version of the IFF Strategy for the IFF General Assembly by the end of September 2020.

Photos: Jasmine Davies

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