The new floorball season in Latvia started in September. The reigning champions are Lielvārde/Fat Pipe in the men’s league and Rubene in the women’s league.   

Men’s league

In the Men’s ELVI league, the season started on 14th of September. Irlava/Avant joined the league this season, so 12 teams are playing for the men’s title. Lielvārde/Fat Pipe is the reigning champion after beating Betsafe Oxdog Ulbroka (current Latvijas Hipotēka/Oxdog Ulbroka) 6-4 in the last season’s Superfinal. At the moment, the reigning champion holds the seventh place. The top three places belong to FBK Valmiera, SK Pārgauja and Rubene.

Some interesting international transfers also took place before the season. Pavel Semenov and Artur Okruzko joined FBK Valmiera and the Latvian national team forward Andris Rajeckis transferred from Switzerland to Lekrings.

Women’s league

Will Rubene and Kekava also meet in the Superfinal next year?


The women’s ELVI league started on 21st of September, with the match between the reigning champion Rubene and runner-up Kekava. Five teams are playing in the women’s league, but only three teams will fight for the championship title: Rubene, FK Ķekava and Ķekavas Bulldogs. The two other teams are the Estonian women’s national team, who participate for the third time and the Latvian U19 women’s team, which is preparing for Women’s U19 World Floorball Championship in 2020. Riga FK NND and Lekrings, who last year played in the top league are playing in the Women’s 1st league (second highest) this season.

Team Estonia is leading the women’s league with 12 points. The Latvian U19 teams has not yet played any games, but will play their first match against Rubene on the 30th of November.

The floorball season in Latvia culminates in Superfinal. The Superfinal will take place on 25th of April in Arena Riga.

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