The IFF Central Board decided in its meeting on the 9th of December 2016 to provisionally suspend the NFFR from all IFF and International Floorball activity, in the case NFFR had not paid the debts to the Slovak federation by the end of the year 2016 and the IFF until the 31st of January.

As discussed the NFFR has not managed to solve their debts either to the Slovak federation or to the IFF, despite a number of promises made. The IFF Office has had discussions with the NFFR up until the beginning of March. The NFFR has promised to pay off the debt to the Slovaks in the near future, but no clear plan of when the IFF debts would be paid. The NFFR has acknowledged the debts, but not been in position to pay them.

The IFF Executive Committee had no other choice than to confirm the CB decision and the provisional suspension of the NFFR starting from the 6th of March, as no payments have been made to the IFF Community, as it is not correct that NFFR is living off the Floorball community. This means that the NFFR is suspended from all International Activities, until the present issue has been resolved.

Based on the suspension, Russian floorball is not allowed to participate in any international tournaments (club or national team), Russian players can’t make International transfers out of Russia, or play in club or national team tournaments, official or unofficial. There can be no referee exchange with Russia and no IFF development activities can be made in Russia. Further the NFFR is not in a position to register for any International Events. Russia is not registered for the Men’s World Floorball Championships 2018.
The IFF strongly recommends that tournament organizers are not to accept participation of Russian teams in their tournaments, as Russian Floorball needs to sort out the internal problems first.

The IFF urges the NFFR to re-organise the association in order to meet the requirements of the IFF membership and return Russian Floorball as a full worthy member to the IFF Family. The suspension can be revoked when and if the debts are paid and the IFF Rules are followed.

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