Quarter-finals are over in the Men’s Livesport Superliga and the semi-final pairs have been decided. In the Women’s Extraliga the quarter-finals begin on the upcoming Saturday, 10th of April. The second round follows already on Sunday the 11th.

In the Men’s Livesport Superliga the four best teams continue to semi-finals. Florbal MB and Vítkovice ended their quarter-final series directly in four matches and secured their semi-final spots first. Chodov won the series against Bohemians 4-2 and Sparta Praha defeated Tatran also 4-2 in matches.

For the semi-finals, the winner of the regular season being Florbal MB, chose Chodov as the semi-final opponent. The other semi-final will be Vítkovice against Sparta.

Quarter-final results

Florbal MB – Black Angels 4-0
Bohemians – Chodov 2-4
Vítkovice – FBC Ostrava 4-0
Tatran – Sparta Praha 2-4

Semi-final pairs

Florbal MB – Chodov
Vítkovice – Sparta Praha

The semi-finals are scheduled to start in the beginning of May. Those will be decided in best of seven system.


Quarter-finals start in the Women’s Extraliga

Vítkovice won the regular season with 66 points and did not lose a match this season. The team is also the biggest favorite to win the championship title. As the winner of the regular season, Vítkovice could choose their quarter-final opponent first and they ended up choosing the sixth placed team FBS Olomouc.

Chodov took the second place with 57 points and exceeded expectations with this performance. Chodov lost 12 players in the pre-season when for example the Czech national team players Martina Repkova, Nela Jirakova and Magdalena Plaskova transferred to Switzerland. Since ending up second, Chodov got to choose second and they picked FbŠ Bohemians, the team from the 8th place.

Ostrava finished third with 53 points and so defeated Tatran in the battle for third place. Tatran then ended fourth and got the last turn to decide their quarter-final opponent.

Ostrava’s Denisa Kotzurová is leading the top scorer table with 66 points. She has also gathered the most assists, 45 in total. Vítkovice’s Michaela Šponiarová has scored the most goals, in total 32.

Quarter-final pairs 

Vítkovice (1.) – FBS Olomouc (6.)
Chodov (2.) – FbŠ Bohemians (8.)
FBC Ostrava (3.) – Panthers Praha (5.)
Tatran Střešovice (4.) – K1 Florbal Židenice (7.)

The quarter-finals are played with best of seven system and the team needs four wins to make it to the semi-finals.

Source and more information on Czech Floorball website.

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