The floorball development project “Floorball: Fit for Future” (4F) involving eight IFF Member Associations held its first working session online on the 21st of May 2021. The first session focused mainly on the tasks of the National Floorball Associations. 

The working session was originally planned to be organised as a live meeting in Prague, but due to the present travel restrictions that plan was not possible, and the meeting was held virtually instead.

The main goal of the meeting was to start the concrete work to improve the governance of the national associations in, which eventually will allow the associations to grow and to be ready to answer future challenges.

The project is based on co-operation between mentee National Associations from Denmark, Germany, Poland, Spain and Slovakia and mentor National Associations from Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland and their mutual interaction, sharing of best practice and networking, so that mentees are supported to create strategic goals for their development and provided with tools for their implementation. The IFF is taking part to the project as a supervisor.

The working session was concentrating on the foundations and the tasks of a national association and more thorough work will continue in the upcoming working sessions. The participants also presented financial, member and licensed player numbers from their own associations.

– The IFF has been running development seminars and good governance has been one part of the seminars, but this project is going to bring the co-operation to a new level and with this project it will be easier to actually define what the real needs are in the national associations, says Mr. Veli Halonen, the IFF Operations Manager.

– There’s no shortcut to glory and we have just scratch the surface, but I really look forward to the upcoming meetings when the work goes on and the time, when we will eventually start to have concrete results, which will be great for the future, he concludes.

The next working session is planned to take place in the end of June and the plan is to have a live meeting, depending on the global pandemic situation.

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