Mladá Boleslav and Vítkovice secured their spots in the Czech Superfinal. The Superfinal will take place on the 12th of June in Prague.

The regular season winner Florbal MB met Chodov in the semi-final series and took the needed wins (8-5, 11-5, 5-4 et., 7-2). In the other semi-final, Vítkovice met Sparta and also won the series 4-0 in matches (7-6, 6-4, 8-7 ps., 7-5). Vítkovice finished second in the regular season, so the two best teams meet in the Superfinal. Florbal MB and Vítkovice have not lost a match since the play-offs started.

The season is over for both Sparta and Chodov. Chodov take home the bronze medal since they were placed higher after regular season.

Extraliga semi-finals

The semi-finals still continue in the Women’s Extraliga. Vítkovice are currently leading the series 2-0 against FBC Ostrava (9-4, 5-1). In the other semi-final, Chodov are also leading with 2-0 in matches against Tatran Střešovice (6-2, 2-0). The semi-finals are played with best of seven system and the next matches are played on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th of May.

Source: Czech Floorball website

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