The match schedule for the Men’s  U19 WFC 2021 is now published. The 11th MU19 WFC 2021 is played from 28th April – 2nd May 2021 in Brno, at the Vodova Arena.

This event will be played with 16 teams and there is no longer A- & B-divisions.

Download the match schedule here.

– We are pleased that with the publication of the Game schedule, we are one step closer to the WFC. We work continuosly with the tournament preparations and if the situation allows it, we are immediately able to start the ticket sale. What we can offer right now is WFC merchandising which is available on official websites, comments Petr Chvojka, Secretary General of the Men’s U19 WFC 2021.

Visit the MU19 WFC website for more!

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