The group ballot for the Men’s U19 World Floorball Championships will take place today, on the 16th of December at 17:00 CET in the Brno City Hall. The group ballot will also be streamed live on the IFF YouTube channel.

The 11th Men’s U19 WFC will be played from 28th April – 2nd May 2021 in Brno, at the Vodova Arena. This event will be played with 16 teams and there is no longer A- & B-divisions. The teams will be divided into four groups in one division based on ranking and a ballot. Groups A/B and C/D are divided according to ranking (based on results from U19 WFC 2019).

Currently, 12 teams have secured the participation in the MU19 WFC while four spots still remain to be determined. Japan, New Zealand and Australia advanced to the tournament directly due to the cancellation of the AOFC qualification. As for now, there are still three places from the European and one from the American qualifying group to be filled. For this reason, the four teams will be drawn not specifically, but only according to the final positions in the qualifying groups. The remaining qualifications will take place after the group ballot draw.

The teams that have already secured their place to play in Brno are the following: the Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Latvia, Slovakia, Denmark, Germany, Norway and the already mentioned Japan, New Zealand and Australia.

Watch the MU19 WFC ballot live:


For more information, please visit the MU19 WFC 2021 website!

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