This year’s edition of the biggest international club tournament for youth was held last weekend in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague Games 2020 hosted 211 floorball clubs, where 204 were from Czech Republic and 7 from Slovakia. 

In Girls category, the trophies were shared between Tatran Stresovice who won in the prestigious G18 category as well as G14, while NTS FK – ZS Nemsova took gold in G16 and G12. The top three Boys categories were dominated by Prague teams, where FbS Bohemians won over Florbal Usti in the B18 final game 7:3, second gold medal went to Bohemians thanks to their B16 team who controled the game and defeated Panthers Praha 2:0. B17 final game was dominated by Tatran Stresovice who scored 6 goals and sealed the victory. FBC Liberec took gold in B15 while FBC Letka defeated Bohemians in the shoot-out. ACEMA Sparta Praha won in the B13 final and FBS Olomouc took gold in the B12 category.

It was a debut for a new U10 category where the youngest floorball players could compete against each other with reduced nets and only 3+1 players on the field.

Prague Games 2020 winners


B18 – FbS Bohemians

B17 – Tatran Stresovice

B16 – FbS Bohemians

B15 – FBC Liberec

B14 – FBC Letka

B13 – ACEMA Sparta Praha

B12 – FBS Olomouc


G18 – Tatran Stresovice

G16 – NTS FK – ZS Nemsova

G14 – Tatran Stresovice

G12 – NTS FK – ZS Nemsova

More info can be found on the Official Prague Games website.

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