The Silverqueens Floorball club in Kenya has very ambitious goals to improve the living conditions of kids in Nairobi and to develop floorball in the region. With the help of the equipment support, the club intends to organise after-school activities for kids.

A more general target is to improve the living conditions of the kids living in the economically and socially disadvantaged areas of Nairobi. Besides floorball, the organisation intends to improve life skills and will also focus on improving gender equality in the region.

– We have observed that the kids would gather at our training sessions to watch floorball. We have already coached some kids and were able to see how these kids came together to learn the new sport. We could see that the kids liked having a purpose and were also happy to find someone who could guide them. This is when we realised that floorball could be utilised to help the kids living in economically and socially degraded areas of Nairobi, especially in the slums. The main challenge for us was finding equipment but with the IFF and UNIHOC equipment support we will be able to ensure that the project runs well and we can impact many lives positively, the club informs in their application.

The Silverqueens Floorball club has previously organised floorball activity for women, but the youth project was first launched in the beginning of 2020:

– We started the project in January when we saw the interest of the kids and we then realised the potential and now have the aim to carry it as our main project. After several planning meetings about how we are going to start the project, the country was faced with the Covid-19 pandemic and everything closed, but we hope to continue once the pandemic is over.

The project received the third most votes in the IFF FB voting competition with a total of 2799 votes. For more information, please visit the Silverqueens Floorball Club on Facebook!

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