The first selection of IFF Kids with Sticks applications has been made and 28 projects continue to the final voting on IFF Facebook page. Below you can find the name, country and the short description of each project and instructions for the voting. 

Voting of the IFF Kids with Sticks project

On Monday the 18th of May, the IFF invites all stakeholders to vote for the projects that are considered most important by commenting a post on IFF Facebook page (in the comment option under the post). The voting goes on for 48 hours after the post has been published. The comments received after this time are not taken into account. Based on the results, the IFF will then support the 10 projects that have received the most votes. These projects will be published on Wednesday, shortly after the voting had ended. The 10 projects with most votes will receive an UNIHOC equipment support package including: 25 sticks, 30 balls and one goalie set. IFF may choose additional projects that will be supported.

Note that only the comments received on the voting post are accepted. No messages or comments to other posts are counted as votes for the specific project. You can vote for several projects or support just one. It should be also clearly stated, which project is supported by inserting at least the number and name of the project.

  1. Bolivia – Ministerio de Floorball Bolivia (Facebook page)
    Developing floorball for youth in Bolivia
  2. Brazil 1 – Philanthropic association children’s Ark (Facebook page)
    Providing floorball activity to vulnerable youth
  3. Brazil 3 – Associação Campineira de Floorball (Facebook page & website)
    Floorball Campinas At Schools: Spread ACFb to new cities
  4. Brazil 4 – Invictus Floorball Campinas (Facebook page & website)
    Youth Invictus Floorball Campinas: Launching U15 and U19 children’s teams
  5. Ecuador – Red Floorball Ecuador (Facebook page & website)
    Development of floorball for children and youth
  6. India – Amateur Karnataka Floorball Association (Facebook page)
    Develop floorball in schools
  7. Italy – ASD Spartak Floorball Milano (Facebook page)
    Fountain of youth: Floorball development to kids in Milano
  8. Kenya 1 – Tsunami Floorball Academy (Facebook page)
    Floorball to more kids in Nairobi
  9. Kenya 2 – Silverqueens Floorball Club
    Improving kids floorball and living conditions in Kenya
  10. Laos – Fida international
    Youth Resource Centre to make floorball popular in Savannakhet
  11. Malaysia – Seremban knight floorball club (Facebook page)
    Knight floorball clinic: Organise floorball clinics for youth
  12. Peru – Unión de Floorball Peruano en CRISTO (Facebook page & website)
    Unite floorball in Peru for better development
  13. Philippines – Philippine Floorball Clubs Association (Facebook page & website)
    Floorball Palarong Pambansa Project: Increase floorball participation in The Palarong Pambansa (National Games)
  14. Poland 1 – Students’ Sports Club Young Wolves of Zabrodzie (Facebook page)
    Floorball For All: Educate more children and promote floorball in the region
  15. Poland 3 – GRZEŚ Popular Sports and Athletics Club
    Develop floorball activity for children and youth in the club
  16. Russia 1 – Floorball Federation of Republic of Karelia 
    Develop School Floorball League in Republic of Karelia
  17. Serbia – Serbian Floorball Association (Facebook page)
    My Sport – My Floorball: Develop youth floorball in Serbia
  18. Slovakia 3 – ATU Košice (Facebook page & website)
    Cassovia Games: Developing youth floorball tournament
  19. Slovakia 5 – Kindergarten Hlohovec (Website)
    First steps to floorball in kindergarten
  20. Slovakia 6 – SK Harvard Partizanske (Facebook page & website)
    COOL sticks for sChOOL kids: Strengthening cooperation with primary schools
  21. Spain 1 – Club Deportivo Córdoba Superglads (Facebook page & website)
    Superglads floorball kids sports schools: Promote floorball for the children in Andalucia
  22. Spain 3 –  Floorball Valencia
    Development of a floorball club starting with youth
  23. Spain 5 – Club Floorball Nazríes (Facebook page)
    Play Floorball Programme: A school programme promoting floorball
  24. Uganda – Bondeko School Uganda (Facebook page & website)
    Enhancement of youth development and life improvement though floorball
  25. Ukraine 1 – Melitopol Sports Club «Legend» (Facebook page)
    Floorball section for girls at school: Attracting girls to floorball classes
  26. Ukraine 3 – CBN “Emmanuel” (Orphan’s promise) (Website)
    Project “School of Life” Berdyansk: Organising a floorball section at school
  27. USA 1 – Backcheck Foundation (Facebook page & website)
    Floorball 4 Schools in Indianapolis: Introduce the game of floorball through school-based Physical Education
  28. USA 4 – Joe’s Hockey Group
    Small floorball with a youth age group: Introducing floorball to youth group of former ballhockey players


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