The world-famous Chicago Blackhawks have stepped in to support the USA Men’s U19 national team. They see floorball as a perfect partner to ice hockey.

– The Blackhawks see value in supporting floorball because it is the perfect partner to hockey when you don’t have access to ice. Floorball is an exciting and fast-paced game that promotes quick transitions and fluid play while developing hockey skills, says Peter Hassen, Vice President of Marketing Chicago Blackhawks in United States Floorball Association’s interview.

USA Floorball are excited to have the Chicago Blackhawks support the team.

– For those of us who know floorball, it’s easy to see the parallels between floorball and hockey. In fact, many hockey players use floorball as a way to progress in their hockey skills and have fun when they are off of the ice. That’s why this year USA Floorball is excited to announce that The Chicago Blackhawks will be supporting the MU19 USA national team in floorball, says USA Floorball president Calle Karlsson and continues:

– For such a renowned organisation to be offering their support to our grassroots organisation is an honour, as well as a credit to the hard work and dedication that our members put in to helping floorball become a success in the US. We’re excited to see what the future holds, go USA!

The USA Men’s U19 team is next seen during the Texas Open at the Elzie Odom Athletic Center in Arlington on 14-15th of March. The team also played in the Men’s U19 WFC in Halifax, Canada last May.

Source: USA Floorball

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