Austria grabs the last spot to Women’s U19 WFC in Uppsala after a 4-4 draw against Hungary. 


It was a close game between Italy and Netherlands on Sunday morning, with a two-goal lead after 12 minutes from the Dutch. Italy managed to equalise in the first period but the advantage soon swung back in Netherlands direction and the first period ended in 3-2 for the Dutch. Italy were not able to level the score but they fought hard until the end and thanks to their top scorer #17 Camilla Olshov the final score was only 7-6 for the Netherlands. The MVP awards went to #17 Camilla Olshov and #45 Ilse Stoffers from Netherlands.



Austria and Hungary were both forced to fight back from the first minute of the game. Hungary were first to score and the result after the first period was 1-0. Both teams were focused on defence but Hungary were more lucky and #4 Csenge Pakodi extended the lead to 2-0. The last 10 minutes of the game was a nightmare for Hungarians who lost 4 goals in only 5 minutes. When the match seemed close to being decided, Hungary replied twice. First in 56:43 thanks to #20 Petra Magyar then 59:57 #15 Nora Lelovics. The match ended in a 4-4 draw and that was enough for Austria to finish 2nd and secure qualification to U19 WFC 2020 in Sweden. #15 Nora Lelovics from Hungary and #20 Gatto Maria from Austria were awarded the MVP.

These results mean Russia and Austria top the table and will be playing at the U19 WFC 2020 in Uppsala. Hungary remained third with 4 points, Netherlands ended up on fourth place with 3 points and Italy are on the bottom without any points.

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