The 7th Women´s U19 World Floorball Championships 2016 are played in the Quinte Sport & Wellness Centre, Belleville, Ontario, Canada, 4th – 8th May 2016. The tournament is played with A- & B-division, divided into two groups.

A-Division (teams & ranking):
Group A: Sweden (1), Switzerland (4), Slovakia (5), Norway (9)
Group B: Finland (2), Czech Republic (3), Poland (6), Latvia (7)

B-Division (teams & ranking):
Group C: Hungary (8), Austria (12), USA (-)
Group D: Canada (10), Germany (11), Japan (-), Thailand (-)

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TV & YouTube matches

The floorball fans in Ontario, Canada will be able to watch live WU19 WFC matches on TV. COGECOTV in conjunction with their broadcast partner RogersTV, will show every game from the main court at Yardmen Arena.

For the fans not in Canada there will be live-streaming on the IFF YouTube channels. Every match ‬ can be watched live on the IFF YouTube channels. Full game replays will also be available.
Channel 1 – Yardmen Arena:
Channel 2 – Rink B:

WU19 WFC Mobile App

All fans can also catch all the WU19 action on the IFF Events mobile app.

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WU19 WFC Websites

Match reports, results, standings and statistics are also available on the official WU19 WFC website: and the IFF WU19 WFC 2016 web page.

WU19 WFC Photos

Photos from the WU19 WFC matches will be available on IFF flickr: (mention source & photographer when using)

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