The IFF has received notice from Jamaica Floorball Association that they are withdrawing from participating in the upcoming Women´s U19 WFC 2016, citing a lack of financial support.

In the given situation the IFF has been forced to make some extraordinary decisions to minimise the damage, especially for the organiser, and due to this have moved Thailand from Group C to Group D. This secures a full set of group matches for the home team.

The withdrawal means some changes in the match schedule for B-division, although all teams are still guaranteed of at least 4 matches.

After the group matches, 15th – 17th places will be determined according to the following:

– 3rd in Group C will play against both the 3rd& 4th placed teams from Group D
– The result of these two matches PLUS the result of the group match between the 3rd & 4th placed Group D teams will be used to calculate the final placings

An updated match schedule can be found here

For more tournament information visit the IFF Event page or the official event website:

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